Analysis and Investigations

We offer highly customized nutrition programs that address your health needs and help you learn how better nutrition can impact you and your family.

Metabolic profile

Knowing how your metabolism works is very important to appropriately modifying your eating habits. Metabolic testing indicates the number of calories you burn per day while your body is at rest. With these results, we can accurately recommend appropriate changes to your diet. The metabolic profile assesses your body’s most vital processes, major organ systems and essential nutrient levels to pinpoint imbalances that lead to disease. The results reveal root causes of any symptoms you may have and also serve as a great tool to gauge overall health.

The Profile interprets your health by looking at 2 predominant categories:

a) Energy and Cardiovascular Health – B Vitamin Deficiency

Energy production, cardiovascular health, as well as muscle and nerve function are just a few of the things dependent on having sufficient B-vitamins. Periods of stress and perspiration can easily deplete your B-Vitamin supply, making shortages very common. Even modest deficits can noticeably affect your energy levels. Discovering and fixing these issues can have a dramatic and immediate impact in your daily life as well as continued well-being down the road.

b) Fat Burning Capacity – Cellular Energy

How efficiently do your cellular engines (called mitochondria) produce energy? All body processes depend on this key activity. If you are having trouble losing weight and keeping it off, poor cellular health and energy is often the culprit. It can also lead to fatigue, muscle weakness , or even aging if left untreated.

Body Composition Analysis

At nutrisolution, we recently started measuring body composition through a sophisticated scientific tool called Body Composition Analyzer (BCA). BCA is one of the most accurate methods of measuring body fat, muscle and water and it has been an invaluable tool for our weight loss program.

The results of our patients are variable. Each patient may lose more or less depending on age, sex, health status and its determination. We provide you promise that we will do everything we can to help you lose weight healthy and happy.

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