Neena Luthra M.Sc Food and Nutrition P.G Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics Dietician, Ex GMCH 32, Chandigarh A well-presented, self-motivated and best dietitian in Chandigarh with experience of assessing patients’ nutritional needs, then developing and implementing nutrition programs for them.

Diet and Heart Disease

Some foods increase the risk of coronary heart disease, while others may protect against it. Uncontrolled diabetes can contribute to coronary heart disease. Oily fish, fruit and vegetables, garlic, some oils including olive oil, fibre from wholegrain cereals, legumes and soy, nuts and seeds and tea may help protect against…

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Spoilers and helpers drinks

Many of us watch what we eat but not what we drink when on a diet. That’s a mistake. The average American drinks one out of five of their daily calories. Choosing the right drinks can tweak your metabolism, curb your appetite, and help cut calories. Which drinks are spoilers…

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