Healthy navratri diet plan

With the start of navratri fasting and feasting season is back again, although most of us agree that this is the right time to lose weight but somehow healthy eating take a backseat for most people. Instead of fasting, most of us end up feasting on high-calorie food in these nine days.

  1. For those who fast all nine days, it is important to eat small meals at regular intervals. This will keep your metabolism in top shape.
  2. Avoid fried foods and include more of yogurt, smoothies, lassi and fruits which not only will keep you full but maintain the optimum fluids in the body.
  3. Replace fried aloo-chat with boiled aloo-chat and kheer with mixed-fruit curd or flavored yogurt.
  4. Dishes which require the whole milk can be cooked with skimmed milk or double toned milk.
  5. Substitute sugar in sweet dish with a low calorie sweeteners or natural sugars, if you wish to.
  6. Keep drinking water, coconut water, lemonade (without sugar), herbal teas …as much as you can. It works as a great detox.
  7. Make friends with fruits this navratri. Try including fresh fruits in your diet in various forms of salads, smoothies and raitas to keep up with your nutrition. Fruits have healthy sugar fructose. Seasonal fruits boost the immunity, fibre, iron and B6 intake and supercharge your metabolism.
  8. Instead of having namkeens, have a handful of roasted makhanas or a handful of nuts like almonds, pistachios, walnuts or hazelnuts.
  9. Lower your Cravings with low fat dairy. Drinking low fat milk, lassi and yogurt reduces your cravings to eat junk food Add cucumber, lauki to your yogurt to make it more filling.
  10. Exercise portion control Keep your guilt trips to minimum by practicing portion control. Choose healthy food and keep your portions under control.


Meal Option – 1 Option – 2 Option – 3 Option – 4
Breakfast Banana shake – 1 glass (made out of 200ml skim milk and 1 banana


Amaranth dalia with vegetables – 1 bowl

Chach – 1 big glass

Milk – 1 glass

Mix Fruits – 1 bowl

5-6 almonds and roasted makhana

Papaya – 1 bowl

Milk – 1 glass

Almonds – 5no.

Midmorning Coconut water/ lemon water Green tea/lemon water Coconut water Chach – 1 glass
Lunch Salad – 1 serve

Boiled zeera potao or sweet potato– 1 medium

Low fat yogurt – 150 gm

Salad – 1 serve

Samak rice  – 1 bowl

Vegetable curry – 1 bowl

Cucumber Raita – 1 bowl

Salad – 1 serve

Sago porridge – 1 bowl

Low fat paneer bhurji – 1 bowl (made out of 25gm panner)

Salad – 1 serve

Amaranth porridge with fruits – 1 bowl

Dinner Salad – 1 serve

Fruit salad-1 bowl

Apple makhana kheer – 1 bowl Salad – 1 serve

Sweet potato chaat – 1 bowl

Salad – 1 serve

Sauté paneer with vegetables – 1 bowl


Awesome dessert for you, totally allowed delicacy …
Fruit Cream: Yes, you might be thinking that you have been trying to reduce on weight and look at this dietician; she’s allowing me to have cream? Is she sure or is she kidding me; well you can pinch yourself, its true.
Remember one thing, when you are fasting your work and household activity remains the same, it does not decreases but your calorie intake is reduced so yes a bit of liberty is allowed and when I can allow you the liberty why shouldn’t I make it interesting for you, after all that’s what I am supposed to do, make your life easy, isn’t it 🙂

But    remember the cream used should be from double toned milk you are using daily at your home and no added sugar please. Let the sweetness comes from fruits.

Eat Smart, Eat Frequently, Do not starve and Enjoy the Navratri

Get the Blessing of Goddess Durga

Get Fit!!!

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Neena Luthra M.Sc Food and Nutrition P.G Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics Dietician, Ex GMCH 32, Chandigarh A well-presented, self-motivated and best dietitian in Chandigarh with experience of assessing patients’ nutritional needs, then developing and implementing nutrition programs for them.