Natural Health Benefits of Consuming Water – Advantages for Human Body

Water is the fuel for healthy functioning of your body. Around 70% of human body is composed of water. Each and every cell of our body requires water. Water transports nutrients, oxygen and essential minerals required to survive, to every cell in our body. Some natural health benefits of consuming water are, converting the food to glucose compounds and transporting essential minerals for the human body. Drinking plenty of water will keep you hydrated and gives lot of benefits. The survey of Medical Claims of India and WHO has made it a point that, one must really take X (X=weight of your body/10) litres of water in the whole day. This has been mandatory in all the treating stations (hospitals), armed forces, and else places where fitness of the person is put on top, that they must take the prescribed quantity of water everyday.
Natural Health Benefits of Consuming Water:
Regulating Body Temperature
◦Our body constantly generates heat while performing various physical activities.
◦Human body has an internal thermostat which helps to maintain our internal body temperature.
◦Water helps in regulating body temperature.
◦When there is a considerable increase or decrease in body temperature, then it is said to be low or high fever.
◦Taking necessary medication at this situation is important with right quantity of water, which reduces or increases to the manageable limit.
◦Water helps in digestion of food.
◦It synthesizes the food components into glucose by activating many body simulations.
◦For body simulations and releasing of body acids for digestion, water is used.
◦for transporting glucose to various parts of the body.
◦In case of improper digestion, the extra of the food converts into fat around the belly and hip portions resulting in increase of body weight.
◦If there is deficiency in the quantity of water, the acids become more and more concentrated when released and turn out into ulcers, and other infective diseases in stomach.
◦Constipation gets reduced by taking good amount of water.
◦It flushes out toxins from the body.
Body Growth
◦Cells play a key role helping in initiating the growth of human body.
◦Cells in our body and blood are constantly changing and replaced by new ones.
◦For the growth of the cells in body, blood and immune tissues, our body uses water as the source fluid. It is similar to some of the chemical experiments. Take a source fluid and then some additives to turn to resulting component. It is the similar process in our body too.
◦Water is that source fluid that helps in regenerating the cellular tissues and cells in our body that help us grow every day.
◦Water keeps the muscles toned and firm.
Weight Loss
◦In spite of following severe diets plans and spending good time and money, people still prevail the same weight.
◦This is mainly because of low quantity of water consumptions.
◦Exercises generate heat in our body in right places, and helps us to burn the stored fat.
◦This heat generation is done by synthesis of water molecules in the body.
◦Severe exercises over heat the body, which will be controlled by water intake.
◦If water is not consumed regularly; the body heat may result in high blood pressures.
Healthy Skin
◦Keeps your skin hydrated and makes an individual look much younger
◦Water is must in order to get a healthy glowing skin.
Other Benefits of Drinking Water
◦Moisturizes the air in lungs and joints
◦Removes all the waste materials which are accumulated in our body for too long
◦Probability of suffering from cramps and sprains is less.
◦Drinking plenty of water helps our body to fight against flu
◦Possibilities of kidney stones and heart attacks are reduced
These are the most important and natural health benefits of consuming water. So, always make it point to drink around 7-8 glasses of water per day to avoid various health hazards. Our body requires water to perform any kind of activity. You can also maintain a balanced diet chart, where you include fruits, vegetables with high water content and other fluids which will keep you fit and healthy. So, take enough water every day and stay Healthy.

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